BHS is very fortunate to have a SUNY Downstate on-site wellness clinic in our building! Care is only given with parental consent and there is no cost to families (no copays or any other fees).

Anna MacEwan is a nurse practitioner with a background in pediatrics and family medicine, and the health center is also staffed with a medical assistant, and social worker.

  • provides on-site appointments for routine immunizations/vaccines (both those mandatory for school* as well as discretionary, such as flu shots and the HPV series)
  • general check-ups
  • asthma management
  • mental health screenings and referrals, and
  • any health needs that arise during the school day

NP MacEwan can be reached at or or by phone at 718-249-4911.  More information about the SUNY Downstate School Based Health Program can be found here.