Every student in the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) studies in both their best language and in other languages taught as a requirement of the programme. DP students therefore study at least two languages throughout their time in their programme.


Students can study French as beginners and as advanced speakers at the Boerum Hill School for International Studies. Our focus is to enhance student understanding and experience of language by meeting them where they are; to increase their proficiency to build a community of bilingual speakers, readers, and writers. By increasing language proficiency for all learners we aim to create an inclusive and collaborative school culture.  As IB learners, the study of language is another way to celebrate and respect cultural perspectives that will empower balanced future leaders.

Middle School – Students have Language Acquisition as well as Dual Language Program (DLP) classes. In the former, students are placed according to their level from beginner to advanced. In the DLP, students will meet in mixed level groupings for an immersive experience that builds upon content studied in their Science and I&S classes. DLP classes will have an enrichment focus and emphasize oral comprehension and production. Tasks and projects will be differentiated to suit student needs.

High School – In addition to the above, current 9th graders who have taken French in MS, and demonstrate proficiency in the French SLP or LITE exams in 8th grade, will be placed in Spanish 1 this year, expanding their language aquisition as an IB learner even further. There are also opportunities for proficient advanced French speakers to continue their studies in French through a French Theater and Literature course.

Through our partnership with the French Embassy, participants receive a curriculum shaped by IB and extended days for extra courses in our French Immersion Program. Students have an opportunity to receive 9+ hours of French per week, from  French Linguistic classes, DLP Science, and a variety of French enrichment to choose from.