General Contacts

(718) 330-9390

Parent Coordinator
Paulette Sampson

Student Coordinator
Jackie Carrier

Samantha Schmoeger

Assistant Principals

Meghan Casey

Miguel Negron

FAQ Who to Contact

a course, assignment, or resource
the relevant subject teacher (
grade specific information (Grade 6) (Grade 7) (Grade 8) (Grade 9) (Grade 10) (Grade 11) (Grade 12)
a school safety or restorative justice issue (Restorative Justice Coordinator) (High School Dean) (Middle School Dean)
equity teams
PTA, SLT, student forms, NYCSA account, school events (Parent Coordinator)
a Toddle account, K497 email issue & laptop
an attendance issue or want to provide an excuse note
a metrocard, student ID or off-campus
working papers, intake, verification letters, student records, enrollment & immunization records
a personal, student schedule, academic/transcripts or social-emotional concern
Guidance Counselors: (Grades 6-7) (Grade 8) (Grade 9-10) (Grade 11-12)

Social Worker & Restorative Justice Coordinator:

middle or high school application process or enrollment Grade 8
International Baccalaureate (IB) (MYP Grades 6-10) (DP Grade 11) (DP Grade 12)
My child’s Special Education services
Contact your child’s case manager - If you don't know who your case manager is email Assistant Principal: &
General Questions about Special Education: &
after school programming
English as New Language (ELL) (middle school) (high school)
your student’s advisor: (,
Advisory curriculum: &
Athletics Program (PSAL Athletic Director)
substance abuse, wellness and self-care
library services
the lost and found and/or an item my child misplaced
standardized testing


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