Dear BHS Community,

I’m so proud of the magic we are making happen this school year in service of our young people.  The last couple months of school have been filled with joyous moments, laughter and rich learning experiences.   I’m confident in our strength and wisdom as a community to continue doing great things this school year in spite of these unprecedented times!

BHS is a dynamic learning community with a rich history of developing innovative approaches to best serving our students.  Our strength is rooted in our collective joy, dedication, and insight.  BHS is committed to a culturally relevant and responsive IB curriculum, inquiry based project learning and equity. I’m excited to further strengthen the school community’s shared vision of equity, social justice, and anti-racist work. Together, we will continue to foster a supportive and trusting environment for students, families, and staff. Our equity teams will continue to support teachers in fortifying our IB curriculum. We will further grow our teacher leadership, and develop a strong and authentic partnership with BHS families. Despite the challenges we faced last year, many positive things were accomplished which helped to lay a strong foundation for our work this year. This work will continue to bring stability, joy and strength to our community.

BHS is my home. It is a privilege to continue to nourish and safeguard these strengths in my role. This community inspires me, pushes me to think critically, brings me joy and laughter, and makes me feel like there is no other place I’d rather be!
Kind Regards,

Samantha Schmoeger